Steps for Foolproof Filing

Clutter can become consuming. I recently went through all my folders at work and threw out a mountain of unneeded paperwork. It was pretty freeing. But also — now I have really condensed files that are easy to go through and I can find things much more easily.

The same thing goes for your home paperwork. I often use Evernote to keep track of passwords and important information that doesn’t need to go in a file.

Here’s a guest post from Laurie Noel Meek of for a look at some techniques that will have you organized in no time.

Foolproof Filing

by Laurie Noel Meek

Filing is very important and can be overwhelming at times but it doesn’t have to be. Below I have drawn out a very simple filing plan that I hope helps you get started toward a more organized “system” for your paperwork. The suggestions below in BOLD should be your hanging files and the suggestions below are the interior file folders which are where you will keep your paperwork specifically. Read more