Keeping an Integrity List


integrity (Photo credit: glsims99)

How many times have you said any of the following:

  • We should catch up
  • Let’s go out for drinks
  • Oh – I’ll send you his contact info
  • I’ll reach out and let you know what she says
  • We will definitely celebrate together soon

…and then never actually did it? Yep – me too. It happens – it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person it just means that you should be more honest with yourself and more careful with your words.

I’ve found a new type of list thanks to my Lists & Libations group – it’s called an integrity list. One of the members, Al, told me all about how he uses them. Basically it’s a list of all the things that you say you are going to do so you hold yourself accountable for those actions. Things like calling a friend or meeting up with a co-worker – you say you will do them — but will you ever actually do them? If you keep an integrity list you will be more mindful of the promises you make.

Amazing concept right? I thought so too.

I think people throw around these terms and phrases because they are space fillers during awkward moments.  But often times they are just baseless. Al says one of the worst things you can do is go against your word.  What if the person you promised was really counting on going to dinner or getting that contact and you flaked out on them? That’s not how you want to be perceived. I’m going to start my own integrity list right now and make sure that I choose my words wisely from now on. You should too!

A List for Meeting New People


Handshake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m a naturally curious person. I love asking questions and doing research, which is probably why I googled “Hatfields and McCoys” for over an hour the other day after watching the History Channel special about them.  It’s a great mini-series by the way.

Anyway — it’s no wonder I picked journalism as a career — because I always want to know more.  This is how I approach meeting new people as well. Read more

Successful List-Making Group

A while back I had a thought to create a Meetup group for list makers.  So I did — it’s called “Lists & Libations” and we had our first event last week in NYC.  It was a success! I’ve posted more photos on my Facebook page.

I’m thrilled that about 15 fellow list producers could come together to share drinks and ideas.  I had a little questionnaire with some list-related questions as an ice breaker and gave out some prizes from one of my favorites —

With the first Meetup under our belt — I’m planning two more.  Another one in NYC that will probably have a theme to keep us all focused!  I’m hoping to get some guest speakers too.  And I’m also planning a virtual meetup — called “Common List Making Mistakes & How to Fix Them,” so anyone can join in.  That one is a bit of an experiment — I’m going to use a Google+ Hangout for that one.  We’ll see how it goes!

Would love to hear your feedback and have you join the “Lists & Libations” meetup group.