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How to Lift Your Spirits After the Holidays

liftspiritsI’ve really enjoyed my holidays this year. It was fun to relax with family, eat good food and watch new movies. (St. Vincent is amazing!) But now it’s back to cold, dark days and work. I love my job, but even I struggled with going back this year.

So how can we keep ourselves motivated now that the ‘fun’ part of winter is over? Here’s a list on how to have a good time while getting back to the grind.

Party More – A friend of mine recently told me that her New Year’s resolution was to say yes to more cocktail party invites. Isn’t that brilliant? Sometimes we get caught up thinking we’re too busy to go to something, or nervous that we won’t know anyone there. In reality every new person you meet is a new opportunity. So get out there more for 2015! Read more

A List For Your 2015 Goals

2015The New Year is always the busiest time for list makers. Every new year seems so full of possibilities, and sometimes we can be overzealous and try to cram too much in. So before you steam ahead with planning your 2015 goals, I would encourage you to take a look back at your goals for 2014.

Did you achieve all of them? What got left behind?

For example, one of your goals might have been to do more exercise. If you didn’t achieve this goal then maybe it’s time to re-think it for 2015. I think the more specific a goal is the more you likely you are to achieve it.

Make It Attainable 

So if you want to do more exercise, instead you can commit to going running twice a week. Or do what I did a few years ago — commit to doing yoga just 10 minutes a day.  I’ve actually kept to that. With a more defined goal it’s easier to make it happen.

Sharing is Caring

I also suggest sharing your goals with your friends.  It’s always good to be held accountable for them. Also you might find someone with similar goals and then you can work together to achieve them. For instance you could sign up for a work out class together.

Need Some Ideas?

I have a private Facebook group set up for my VIP launch team for my book Listful Thinking and we’ve been sharing our resolutions the past few days.  Some times it’s fun to see what other people are working on and it can give you a boost.

Some of the team members have some great goals:

“Plan an amazing trip to Napa Valley to celebrate my 35th birthday and my 10 year anniversary.” – Arianny

“I have an overall goal to simply NOT BE AFRAID to go after the things I have been putting off for too long. Life’s too short!” – Laura

“I’m really feeling the good vibes from making a commitment to the random opportunities in my life. Here is to 2015 being a garden of surprises and growth.” – Garette

Another great idea is to have a theme.  Sandra, one of my VIP members, said her theme is “More” — love that!  Abundance is an amazing goal to set for yourself.

I was also reading this article that Gretchen Rubin put together about making your resolutions into themes.  She suggests using words like “upgrade” “bigger” and “free time”.  I like this idea.  I think it is more fun to think of your life as a whole and how you can make it better throughout the entire year.

For my own New Year’s Resolution I think it will be to “go with the flow.”  I tend to be pretty rigid and set in my ways as many list makers can be.  But this year I will try to be more laid back.  So I guess my theme will be “spontaneity.”

What are some of your goals for 2015?


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Throw Away Your New Year’s Resolution

Resolutions 2012

Resolutions 2012 (Photo credit: simplyla)

Happy New Year to all of you.  I hope 2014 brings you everything you desire!  But if you have a New Year’s Resolution — I urge you to throw it away.  Yep — that’s right.  I think there is a much better way to get organized, be healthier, become more productive etc. etc.

Get Rid of that Resolution

It Really Works

This tactic really works.  And the reason I know is because I used it last year.  I’ve been into yoga here and there but really wanted to incorporate it into my life.  So instead of resolving to “do yoga” — I made a goal for myself to “practice yoga for 10 minutes a day.”

This very specific goal turned out to be the best approach for me.  It’s not overwhelming — I’m not intimidated by 10 minutes a day like I might be to commit to an hour long class a few times a week.

So since last year — every day (ok, most days…but I don’t beat myself up if I don’t do it) I do yoga for 10 minutes in the morning.

What’s your goal for this year?