To-Do List After Hurricane Irene

We did it! We got through Hurricane Irene! I hope my checklists for preparation came in handy. Jay didn’t have to work after all (most sporting events were canceled because of Irene) so we got to wait out the storm together! Some trees were down in our Lower East Side neighborhood but nothing major. Our car survived in our garage even though it was in a flood zone. The subway system will be coming back to life slowly Monday morning so getting to work will be a task but hopefully not impossible.

Like most of Manhattan, we had power throughout the storm but we haven’t had hot water right since Saturday. It’s a little frustrating that it’s not just a matter of calling a plumber, like the ones at, to get it fixed, but Con Edison says we should have it back sometime Monday or Tuesday. Eeek! So, it’s cold showers for us—but if this is the worst of it then I have to say that I’m grateful. Read more