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Fab Find: PocketSuite Connects You With Small Businesses Nearby

A friend of mine is getting married and has been really into getting fit before the big day! I wanted to get her personal training as an engagement gift, but I don’t live near her so I struggled researching nearby gyms and reading several conflicting reviews on the internet. It was important to me to find the right person for her because I didn’t want to waste my money or her time. Then I discovered PocketSuite, the app that would solve my dilemma!

PocketSuite is designed to connect freelancers, personal assistants, trainers, and small business owners with clients in their area. The app helps you find professionals based on your location for a wide variety of services. Simply sign up, attach a credit card to your account, and then PocketSuite handles:

  • Scheduling Appointments – The app maintains a calendar of appointments, making it easy for you to find the best available appointment time for your busy schedule. Read more

Checklist for Finding A Personal Trainer

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As a health producer, I’m always on the hunt for the best wellness, fitness, nutrition, etc. stories. Turns out a former reporter, personal trainer and fellow blogger friend of mine (all the same person) is a plethora of health information! So over some cocktails we decided she must write a guest post (in list form, of course) to help you find the best personal trainer. There are loads of places that you could go to for a personal trainer, such as a company like Motivatept. You just have to find one that is close to you and one that will work best for you. You know how tricky gyms can be with “free offers” and all that. And going into one of those sessions can be really intimidating! It’s better to be prepared if you want to get fit so you can set yourself up for success! Read more