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I’m on the “So Money” Podcast

Take a listen to my So Money Podcast to (1)What do lists have to do with money — you might be thinking?  Well a lot actually.  If you’ve read my book Listful Thinking, you’ll know that I believe a list can be adapted to any situation. In particular, lists can be really helpful when your trying to stick to a budget and get a handle on your finances.

I met Farnoosh Torabi a few weeks ago and we connected immediately. She is also an avid list maker – she’s been making lists since middle school. Plus she used to be a TV producer and is an author too.  She asked me to be a guest on her daily podcast So Money!  I’m not into numbers so much but you’d be surprised how much a list can help you keep track of financial stuff.

In the podcast we discuss:

  • How using lists can help you lead your best life.
  • The idea of a permission list when it comes to budgeting and how it can help.
  • My biggest habit – besides list making – that helps keep my finances in check.

Listen to it here: