Checklist for Enjoying Time Alone

I have an older brother but we’re eight years apart so basically I grew up as an only child. I was fortunate to have three amazing girl cousins who were and are like sisters to me. They included me in on all their sisterly things and I never spent a Halloween or birthday without them. But being an “only child” I learned how to play on my own and occupy myself.  I actually love my alone time and look forward to it sometimes.

I’ve been known to go to movies alone, go to the theater alone, go to restaurants and eat alone — etc.  I love it! It’s an empowering feeling to be happy enough in my own skin to be able to spend time by myself and be OK with it.  I probably wouldn’t plan a vacation on my own, like my friends Danielle and Brian have, that scares me a bit but otherwise I’m a pretty independent person. Read more

Checklist for Living in the Moment

Whenever someone gets engaged or married or has a birthday I always say the same thing “enjoy every second.” It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment and lose sight of the real purpose of the event. That can be said for almost anything in life — even just sitting down for morning cup of tea.  How often are you checking your blackberry and really not present in the moment when you’re having lunch with a friend?

So how do you live in the moment and truly enjoy life to the fullest? Ha — it’s really not that easy — but this checklist from author, life coach and psychotherapist Lauren Mackler will give you some ideas.

The Art of Living in the Moment

By Lauren Mackler

Ideally, a balanced life encompasses the ability to learn from the past, live consciously in the moment, and work toward your hopes and dreams for the future.

Think about people you know who are so caught up in their work or personal dramas that they never enjoy life in the present. Maybe this is you! Perhaps you have trouble relaxing, even when you feel mentally and physically exhausted. Maybe you just can’t stop worrying about what might happen or ruminating about what you should be doing. Read more