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10 Phrases That Will Make You More Efficient

Included in the list of topics I write lists about are quotes. Any time I hear an exceptional one I will email it to myself or enter it into my Evernote account to save for later.  My favorite personal quote is one that I’ve borrowed from Oprah — “You Become What You Believe.”  Isn’t that an amazing quote? I love it because it’s so true.  If you think you can do something — you can!

Another believer in quotes is Meggin McIntosh who hosted my list-making teleseminar last January. She’s extremely productive and helps people to do the same with her vast knowledge. These aren’t quotes that famous people have said but they are extremely helpful in allowing you to do your job well.

A List of 10 Phrases & Statements to Remember

by Meggin McIntosh | The Ph.D. of Productivity™

A number of statements and phrases are worth remembering in your quest to be more productive. Consider the following 10 (and in most instances, after you make the statement – stop talking.) These aren’t questions. They are statements:

1. “No, but thanks for asking.”

2. “Not now.”

3. “Let me get back to you after I’ve checked on a few things.” Read more

Secrets from Productivity Nerds


I’m a proud productivity nerd. I can’t help it — it’s who I am and I embrace it. I make lists and get a real sense of joy from crossing off items. But it’s those lists that help me to stay on track and be productive. I’m not alone in this compulsive habit but there are other tactics for getting more done.

I was lucky enough to share some of my own tips with WomansDay.com for the article “8 Habits of Highly Productive People.” Check out the article for some other fabulous secrets from some very knowledgeable experts.

One of my favorites is to snack!  That’s right — eating will increase your productivity.  I’ve never thought of it really but I’m useless unless I’ve eaten. It totally affects my mind.  I’m very regular when it comes to my eating habits – I eat three meals and have two snacks during the day.  If I don’t — my day is totally thrown off.  Ask my co-workers…they know when I haven’t had my snacks!  haha! Making sure you eat regularly is a very easy way to stay productive.  Give it a try and take a look at some of the other great ideas in the article.