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What I Will Never Forget

I was a senior at Hofstra University and that morning — I was getting ready in my dorm room for my magazine-writing class.  It wasn’t my favorite class because I was a TV writer even back then…and I thought I could say more with fewer words. My professor didn’t agree.

Anyway — every morning I would eat breakfast while watching Regis and Kelly — their show was broken into by a news alert on this morning.  The anchor said a plane had gone into the World Trade Center.  I called my parents, who are also news junkies, because I knew they would be watching.

We thought it was an accident.  While finishing up college I was also working full-time as a news writer at WLNY-TV55 on Long Island for their 11pm newscast.  In the last few weeks I had done a few stories about “stunts gone wrong” — like this guy who parachuted and accidentally landed on the Statue of Liberty.  I thought this might be a similar antic…until the second plane hit. Read more

Avoiding Stupid Mistakes With a Checklist

This happens every year – someone’s kid gets left on a hot bus for hours. It’s inexcusable because it’s dangerous and it’s such an avoidable mistake! I heard about the first one of the year this morning as I listened to 1010 WINS. It made me think — a simple checklist would fix this problem.

Seriously – how many of you think…”I could NEVER leave a kid on a bus by mistake”?  But guess what… it happens all the time! And the reason it happens is because we are so distracted with everything else going on in our lives that we forget the easy stuff.

Picture It…An Avoidable Mistake

My very first TV job was at WLNY-TV 55 on Long Island. I was an intern in 2001 and then hired as a writer while I finished up my degree at Hofstra University. Random fact: It’s where I met my hubby, Jay, and also my best friend, Danielle! One night at the station will live on in infamy – all because of a stupid, avoidable mistake. Read more