A List for a Happy Baby

I’ve gotten to the age where everyone is either getting married or having babies. It’s like when you’re 13 and everyone is having a bar or bat mitzvah and you wish you were Jewish so you could have one. Or when you turned 16 and every girl had a “Sweet 16” and was learning to drive. The marriage and the babies stage are the same. Except…those who don’t have them are either happy without them or yearning for them. It’s a mixed bag.

Me — I’m not ready to be a mom but from what I’ve heard…your life is turned upside down by that little human — in a good way. And your priorities and entire schedule completely changes. But guess what — a list will help you cope!

My good friend Arianny is a new mom. She said that one of her friends told her about buying second-hand clothes for her baby, so she can save some money to spend on other things, like diapers.  Anyway, she wrote me this email recently:

You would be proud: I keep a list of everything I need to pack in Gabriel’s diaper bag in the side pocket of the bag. Every time I pack it to go out, I take out the little list. Everything from bottles to toys. It’s the key to a happy baby.”

Here is Arianny’s list of things that I think should be kept in diaper bags (recently updated because he just started solids):

1. Diapers

2. Wipes

3. Burp Cloth

4. Bibs – lots of them

5. Blanket

6. Bottles & Water

7. Formula

8. Pacifiers – a couple for when they drop and get dirty!

9. Change of clothes/PJs

10. Solid meal

11. Spoons

12. Toys/Teether

Don’t forget the tablet with those sing-along songs that helps baby sleep. Who knew having a baby would have so many accessories! But it makes sense — being prepared for a new task is all you need to be successful and less stressed out. You’ll even save some time too. Who cares if you need a cheat sheet…even to be a good mom. Trust me — your baby won’t mind!

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  1. Barbara Tomaskovic-Devey, PhD
    Barbara Tomaskovic-Devey, PhD says:

    As an academic who teaches a class called The Sociology of Childhood, I am always looking for new ways to teach my university students important information about child-rearing. I THOUGHT I had found a site that quickly summarized the most important things to do with and for your baby, to increase your odds of raising a happy baby and child. Instead I found a list of THINGS to OWN. This is called the “consumerization” or the “commercialization” of childhood. How about listing things like: hold and cuddle your baby a lot; talk with them; respond to their own moods (don’t play with them when they’re tired, don’t try to put them to sleep when they’re happy and playful); try to consistently respond to their attempts to communicate, including crying, since this helps them learn language earlier (yep, it’s true), etc? These are FACTUALLY the things that lead to a happy baby. The things that were listed should have been called: Things Mommy Needs to Make Taking Care of a Baby Easier.

    • List Producer
      List Producer says:

      Hi Barbara —
      So glad you found my blog. You bring up some interesting points — I’d love to hear more. If you’d like to guest blog with a list of things that parents can do to make their child happier I’d be open to taking a look.

      This list was meant for parents realize the value of being prepared and keeping a list of frequently used items when out with their child. I think you’d agree — it would be pretty upsetting to show up somewhere without extra diapers and a wet and cranky kid. 🙂

  2. Arianny Rodriguez
    Arianny Rodriguez says:

    I just realized I have to add hair brush to my list! (Gabriel’s hair gets messy and I hate it, haha)


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