A List for the Low-Maintenance Bride

Shows like Bridezillas give brides a bad name. Just because the bride to be has her heart set on something like Northwood Rings for her big day, that doesn’t mean that her passion for her wedding should be ridiculed. No one wants to be “that girl,” so some new brides play down their excitement and take a more laid-back approach. Others – genuinely aren’t into all the details. It’s OK — some women just don’t have the “wedding planning gene.” As you can imagine…I am not one of those women.

Fun fact: I once had a short-lived wedding planning business with my best friend and fellow journalist, Danielle. The business was thriving until we worked on the wedding from hell and threw in the towel. But we found that planning a wedding is a lot like planning a newscast – and my producing background really helped me pay attention to every last detail. Planning a wedding is not something you can do last minute, so whether you have to get the help of family/friends or click here for website so you can get inspiration for your dress, hopefully you’ll find that it was all worth it. It made planning my own wedding a lot of fun too.

Laid-back brides might view some of these details as “no big deal” – but they are and here’s why they should be on your wedding to-do list:

1. A Planning Binder: I know you think this will make you look like a total nerd but you need one. All of your ideas, invoices, addresses and vendor contacts must be kept in one place. It will save you time and make planning less stressful. You don’t have to buy a fancy wedding-themed binder but you should have a place to keep all your wedding stuff. You can also keep all your questions for vendors in this binder and take it with you when you have meetings. You’ll look smart and prepared.

2. Photography: A friend’s sister is getting married and she told me that this laid-back bride wasn’t planning on hiring a photographer because she doesn’t want to pose for pictures. My jaw dropped to the floor – this is a big detail that shouldn’t be overlooked.

If nothing else – you will want professional photos of your wedding to show your kids and grand kids. Low-maintenance brides — please don’t skimp here. There are plenty of photojournalists out there who won’t make you pose and will capture every moment without intruding one bit. And don’t trust that your friends and family will get good enough shots for you to choose from – leave this task to the professionals.

3. Booze: I don’t care if you don’t drink or your families aren’t big drinkers. Someone at your wedding will want an alcoholic beverage– and you should provide it. It’s what people come to expect from attending weddings. If you can’t afford it – do wine, beer and a signature cocktail. You’ll seem chic and thoughtful.

4. Invitations: Among other things – I’m a stationary geek. This was one of my splurges for my wedding but I realize not everyone shares my affinity for paper. I get it – you think that people will just throw the invitation away and it’s such a waste. Actually – it sets the tone for the entire event! If you send a sub-par invite people will expect a sub-par event. I’m just sayin’…give it some thought. It’s the first thing people will see when it comes to your wedding – first impressions matter.

5. Hair & Makeup: Some women will say – “I just want to look like myself on my wedding day.” That’s great – actually…that’s fantastic! You SHOULD look like yourself on your wedding day. But some laid back brides won’t get professional hair and makeup services. Don’t you want to look like the very best version of yourself? You are getting married and you want it to be a special day – so treat it like one. Please get your hair and makeup done. If you don’t want to spend the money – find a friend who is good at applying makeup or styling hair and enlist her help. You don’t want to look back and have any regrets.

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