Checklist for Perfect Grilling

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Socializing with family and friends around the BBQ is an all-American pastime, and it will soon be time to get the grills out once again. If you’re lacking in the cooking department, have a look for the Best george foreman grill, as one of these babies could be a life saver with 4th of July around the corner. This 4th of July you should know what you’re doing around the grill. I’ll be in Miami soaking up the sun — but if you’re “manning” the grill — here’s some tips from grilling expert JoAnn Witherell of Allen Brothers Steaks.

Checklist for Perfect Grilling

by Joann Witherell

There’s No “Right” Grilling Equipment

Some love gas grills for their convenience, while others swear by the unique flavor charcoal provides. But you can grill a great steak on both types of grills – it all comes down to personal preference. Either way sear the meat on high with the lid off, then turning down the temperature and closing the lid to finish cooking. Cooking techniques like this are useful and you can learn different techniques by reading cooking books or watching videos on Youtube. Depending on what you are cooking on, will depend on what cooking techniques to use, you can check out this Grill Types Guide to see different grill types. Once you have chosen the right grill type for you, you can then read about cooking on your grill, and cook the perfect meal for you and your loved ones.

Start with a Clean Slate

Start your grill on high (or over very hot coals if you’re using charcoal) to burn off any residue from previous grilling sessions – you don’t want charred bits of last week’s burgers contaminating your dinner. This simple rule keeps your food clean and also prolongs the life of your grill.

Temperature Doesn’t Have to be Tricky

Think you can poke a steak and know if it’s done? Think again. High-quality steaks are so tender they have too much “give” and will trick you into over-grilling them. Instead, using a thermometer will give you the most accurate reading – around 130? for medium-rare and 140? for medium – without having to prematurely slice into your meat.

Be Creative

Sure, just about any steak is great on the grill. Skirt steaks and ribeyes are my favorites, but you should think outside the box when it comes to meat on the grill – pork chops, rack of lamb, lamb chops and leg of lamb are also tasty options and can be easily prepared by even the most novice grill-master.

Pay Attention

The social aspect of grilling is half the fun, but it’s easy to be distracted while chatting around the grill with friends and family with cocktails in hand. Just don’t forget to watch your meat so your guests don’t go home hungry! JoAnn Witherell, Vice President-Culinary at Allen Brothers Steaks, has more than 20 years of experience working with meats. At Allen Brothers Steaks, the nation’s leading purveyor of USDA Prime Meat, Witherell uses her expertise to oversee recipe and product development, ensuring the highest quality product for their consumers.

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