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You know it’s “back to school” time when Target is selling Halloween decorations! So as the kiddies head off to class this week — it’s time to get back to work yourself! Summer months are slow and laid back in any industry. The news happens year round so I guess we’re a bit exempt from this rule –but nevertheless things still start to ease during the summer.

Here’s a checklist for taking that “fresh start” back to school attitude with you to the office today:

1. Get Inspired: Sometimes this is a tough one especially when you’ve been doing the same job for years. But I know you can do it! Check out the competition, read some industry magazines, google some interesting stuff, talk to your colleagues and get amped up about the next best thing! If that doesn’t work – do something you love and hopefully the ideas will soon follow.

2. Do One Thing At a Time:  Even with your new found inspiration — you should take it easy. Don’t dive right into multitasking (some people argue it’s not even a real thing btw.) Tackle one thing at a time. If that means turning off your phone or email alerts — then so be it!

3. Try Something New: Thinking outside of the box is such a cliche idea — isn’t that ironic? But I think that going about tasks that you do everyday, differently — will help to keep them exciting.  So even though you’ve been going to the same websites and blogs for your stories year after year — you should try something new today.  Spice it up a bit for the new “school year.”

4. Make a List: I just can’t help myself…I had to sneak it in here! Making a list will help you to focus for sure.  Write down all the things you want to accomplish today, tomorrow and in the future.  The simple act of writing something down is like setting a goal — this way you’re more inclined to get it done.  Brainstorming is also easier with a list of ideas.

5. Take a Walk: It’s been a slow summer so you might be tackling a whole bunch of new projects this week.  Energize yourself every once and again with a mind-clearing walk. It’s been proven that taking a short break, getting some fresh air and giving yourself a chance to destress will increase productivity.  Try it!

6.  Be Forgiving: This goes for you and for everyone around you. Even if you’re pumped for the status report meeting — others might be sluggish getting back into the swing of things. Give him or her a break. But more importantly — give yourself a break.  Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get your entire to-do list done today — it’s just the first day back.  You’ll have plenty of time to get things done. And look on the bright side…another holiday break is just around the corner– only 100 some-odd days until Christmas.  (Don’t forget to start your shopping!)


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  1. Laura DeAngelis
    Laura DeAngelis says:

    This is all wonderful advice! This day after Labor Day weekend, I woke up feeling a bit anxious about all the things I want to accomplish now that the summer is behind us. Making a list will help put it all in perspective and not make it seem so overwhelming. (It is especially rewarding to look at my summer to-do list and see all I managed to cross off of it!) I particularly like the last tip about being forgiving. It’s an adjustment period for everyone, so let’s try and be a little nicer to each other as we get back in the post-summertime groove.


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