How to Push Yourself for Success

I have to be honest — I didn’t want to write a post for today. I usually write the night before and it was late and I was tired. I had a full day of shooting segments and was really looking forward to going to bed. I thought — “I don’t have that much to say today,” and “I’m too lazy to copy edit a guest post to put up” so I thought of just going to bed. But I pushed myself because I’ve made a commitment to this blog and to all of you who read it.

Pushing yourself even just a little bit will help you achieve your goals and become successful in all areas of your life. Think about all the successful people you know — they pushed themselves even when they were too tired or too busy or too frustrated.

Here is a list of ways to be inspired when you’re struggling:

Take a Walk: Getting your blood moving will help you to stay sharp and motivated.

Look at Something Beautiful: A favorite painting or picture could spring loose your creative juices.

Do Something You Love: I love watching Oprah — so this post was inspired by her new show Lifeclass.  It was all about the thought that “You Become What You Believe.” — love that!

Listen to Music: Pandora Internet radio is one of my favorite resources for free tunes. I also like XM satellite radio — it helps to wake me up and spark my creative mind.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize:  Remember why you want to do this task. That alone should make you want to do more.  If it doesn’t — you are probably doing the wrong thing.

Make Yourself Proud: It’s not just about what other people think of you — it’s what you think about yourself…make yourself proud!

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