List of Great Restaurants in New York City

Who doesn’t love a good meal? Food — cooking and eating it — is one of my favorite topics.  I’m a Food Network junkie and I love watching Guy Fieri and Giada Di Laurentiis whip up easy meals. Sometimes I even try them out myself — but a lot of times I go out to eat.  How lucky that I live in New York City and the best restaurants are all around me!

I’ve compiled my own NYC Restaurant Recommendation List but now New York Magazine has come out with it’s 101 Best NYC Restaurants List. Check it out — there are some really great selections on there.  If you’re not from New York City — save some for your next visit.

I’ve been to 6 of them myself and I’m adding a bunch more to my “must try” list.  You have one of those don’t you? If you don’t — you need to.  Right now I’m keeping my list in my iPhone’s “Reminder” app and whenever I read about or pass by a new restaurant I want to try — it goes on my list. Then when I’m looking for a good place to try I just refer to my list and get eating! Simple, right?

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