Remembering Charla Krupp: Look Fabulous, Not Frumpy

I’m reposting this blog post as a tribute to an amazing journalist. Sadly — beauty and fashion expert Charla Krupp lost her battle with breast cancer last night. She was 58.

Charla has changed the way women think about their bodies and about what they put on each morning. Charla was a former Instyle and Glamour editor turned New York Times best-selling author of “How Not to Look Old” and “How to Never Look Fat Again.”

You may have seen her on TV through the years — she has appeared on every major network giving tips and tricks for looking your best.

When I first started this blog — she graciously wrote a guest post for me. Here are her tips for looking fabulous – not frumpy!

17 Tips to Look Fabulous — Not Frumpy

by Charla Krupp

1. If you have back fat, a tummy, or thighs that need slimming, wear shapewear. There are a lot of comfortable options– even for swimsuits with shapewear built-in.

2. Pick your girls up as far as you can hoist them…in the right bra! If you haven’t had your bra fitted in years, you are likely to need a bigger cup and a smaller band.

3. Collar-length hair is more flattering on a full face than a bob with short bangs.

4. Wear dark colors instead of light where you’re biggest, but don’t always wear black. Jewel-toned colors – garnet, purple, navy, gray, and chocolate – look good, too.

5. Monotone it! Wear various shades of the same color to look your longest and leanest.

6. If you’ve lost weight, give away those larger sizes before you’re tempted to put them on.

7. Fall in love with v-necks. All turtlenecks should be replaced with v-necks, especially a fitted one with three-quarter length sleeves.

8. Don’t go micro-mini with thunder thighs…skirts and dresses are universally flattering when they skim the knee.

9. A solid-colored dress with a ¾ sleeve, that hugs your body and shows a bit of cleavage will make you look slim, you’ll hit a home run every time.

10. If you’re short or have ‘cankles’, say no to the ankle-strap shoe, no matter how on trend.

11. Fake a thinner waist by placing a skinny belt above your natural waistline.

12. Dark denim jeans with no embellishment on the pockets, with a 9-inch rise and a little stretch will give you best booty ever.

13. The puffer coat will make you look puffy…try a princess coat instead.

14. If you’re big busted, don’t let a necklace dangle from the cliff off your chest.

15. As women age their feet become problematic, don’t kill an outfit with a pair of ugly comfort shoes. If you can’t wear heels like you used to, look for rubber soled kitten heels in every brand from Prada to Aerosoles.

16. Rounded and square-toed shoes are fattening, pointy-toe shoes and boots make you look taller and thinner. Have a look at the styles from brands like Peter Sheppard to get a feel for the different shoe shapes and what they can do to image perception.

17. Nude heels are the best shoe you can possibly wear to look your thinnest.

Charla Krupp was a style expert and two-time New York Times best-selling author. A former InStyle and Glamour editor and Today Show contributor, Charla made her shift to author with her wildly successful books, “How Not to Look Old” (2008) and “How to Never Look Fat Again” (2010). Both books are style bibles for women around the world. Check out her website at

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  1. Danielle Freni
    Danielle Freni says:

    Oh this is so sad! I remember when this post first came out and the tips are so great! I feel terrible that I am wearing a turtleneck and puffer coat today. I will change my ways tomorrow in Charla’s honor! Thanks for re-posting 🙂


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