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An Important To-Do This October

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a very important time of year and the message deserves center stage. However — many people tune it out. Myself included. It’s very easy to glaze over when the pink ribbons pop out year after year. Saying that though, for anyone going through treatment for cancer, this can be a tough time for them.

We should remember that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, but I know that getting a productive person to give up part of her day for screening might require a little more convincing.

Don’t think you’ve got enough time to screen yourself? See how many of the items below you have on your to-do list this week.

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Remembering Charla Krupp: Look Fabulous, Not Frumpy

I’m reposting this blog post as a tribute to an amazing journalist. Sadly — beauty and fashion expert Charla Krupp lost her battle with breast cancer last night. She was 58.

Charla has changed the way women think about their bodies and about what they put on each morning. Charla was a former Instyle and Glamour editor turned New York Times best-selling author of “How Not to Look Old” and “How to Never Look Fat Again.”

You may have seen her on TV through the years — she has appeared on every major network giving tips and tricks for looking your best.

When I first started this blog — she graciously wrote a guest post for me. Here are her tips for looking fabulous – not frumpy!

17 Tips to Look Fabulous — Not Frumpy

by Charla Krupp

1. If you have back fat, a tummy, or thighs that need slimming, wear shapewear. There are a lot of comfortable options– even for swimsuits with shapewear built-in.

2. Pick your girls up as far as you can hoist them…in the right bra! If you haven’t had your bra fitted in years, you are likely to need a bigger cup and a smaller band.

3. Collar-length hair is more flattering on a full face than a bob with short bangs. Read more