Check Me Out in Women’s Health Australia

Imagine if you could add a few minutes to your day.  Think about all the things you could accomplish — meet with friends, write more blogs, throw a dinner party, etc. We are all guilty of wasting time every now and then.  But one of the things that I’ve perfected over the years is really focusing when I need to get tasks accomplished. It’s very hard to be disciplined enough — but it is possible.

Being more productive doesn’t require adding more time on the clock — you just have to change the way you think and alter some of your techniques.  Want some examples?  Read “Rewire Your Time” in Women’s Health Australia.  I was interviewed along with a few other women who make the most of their time to get more done!

I’d love to hear what you think of the article.  I’m basically famous down in Oz!  haha — ok, not really, but this is what I’m telling myself. I’m excited to share this with you.

Checklist for Furniture Shopping

For months and months I’ve been complaining that my bedroom is a wreck. Jay and I have collected a hodge podge of furniture through the years and that basically results in a bedroom that looks like a college dorm. Our living room couch is also pretty uncomfortable so we’ve been meaning to replace it. So we finally decided to go furniture shopping. I used this checklist of course because as you know — I don’t do anything without a list!

1. Know What You Need: With all the furniture that we’ve acquired we’ve also gotten used to having a lot of extra space for our clothes. This is very important when you’re looking for new furniture – you must have a clear picture of what kind of space and storage you will need. Read more

The Customer is Always Right!

Just the other day my friend Danielle and I went to brunch at Spoon in NYC and it was delicious! I had yummy baked eggs in a skillet and a spicy Bloody Mary. I would recommend it if you’re in New York.  Anyway — we checked in using Foursquare to see if there were any deals.  In fact, there was a discount of $10 off when you spend $10! Score! Or so we thought… Read more

Army Officer Gives List-Making Tips

I don’t have to tell you that I’m hooked on lists. I have shared and will continue to share some of my best tricks with you. But I’ve also been on the lookout for some fellow list producers so they can give you some of their own secrets.

Enter: Full time officer in the United States Army and part time manager of, an online thought leadership magazine — John Childs. This list-maker was kind enough to give some tips. He also produced a video featuring two of his favorite list-making apps: 2Do and Teamly. Read more

3 Ways to Make Better Lists in 2012

We all start off the year with a clean slate.  You’re able to leave some of the past behind and move on with some new-found inspiration.  But let’s be honest — some of the things you didn’t do the year before will creep into the new year.  Here’s 3 steps to making better to-do lists in 2012. Read more