Join the List Maker’s Challenge

List makers seldom need an excuse to make a list.  I make lists of things I’d like to do, movies I want to see, books I want to read, things I need to buy, etc. But what about list making just because?  Oh yeah — I do that too!  It’s one of the most fun forms of list writing — just jotting down ideas for the hell of it.  You’d be surprised how much it makes you think and how creative you really are.

This March, I’m participating in the 30 Days of Lists Challenge again.  I did it back in September and it was a blast.  I’m a sponsor this time and this is my official link to get people to sign up. I even get a little kickback money if you sign up here. 😉 Early registration costs $8 and this is what it’s all about: Read more

12 Ways to Get Inspired

Everyone can use a little nudge every now and again.  If you need a little encouragement to get your creative juices flowing — this is the perfect list for you.  This guest post is from a wonderful friend of mine.  Karen Bussen is an entertaining expert, event and wedding planner to the stars and an amazingly creative mind.

Listing Inspiration

by Karen Bussen

Are you in a bit of a rut? Would you like to infuse your life with a little extra something-something? In my office, where we spend our days producing fabulous parties, we must always innovate and think creatively, so I started hosting “Inspiration Meetings,” where each member of our team is invited to bring “something inspirational.” Could be anything at all—I don’t limit it to photos or objects. Just “whatever inspires you today.”

In June 2011, I brought in a postcard from the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum. I had treated myself to a museum membership for my birthday, and as soon as I got my membership card, I headed straight for this show, which was inspirational on so many levels, even though I don’t consider myself a “fashion person.” The postcard I brought to the meeting captured a dress crafted entirely of black duck feathers, which made the mannequin look like a darkly romantic 40s movie star-raven hybrid. Read more

Join My Live List-Making Webinar

Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot :

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be participating in a webinar on Wednesday, February, 8th at 8pm ET.  It’s being hosted by the fabulous people over at, which is a community website for people dealing with health issues.  It’s for people struggling with an ailment, people who love them and just about anyone else who is interested in health.  They have hosted other guests such as Dr. Maya Angelou and the Dalai Lama.

The webinar will focus on list making and how it can make you successful in all areas of your life: work, home, body, mind and soul!  It will be live and I’ll use my webcam to communicate with everyone.  There will be a moderator and we will take as many questions as possible in the hour.  After the success of my teleseminar a few weeks ago — I’m really looking forward to this new format.  I do hope that you’ll join me!  Please sign up today.

List for a Successful Family Event

We just celebrated Jay’s grandfather’s 90th birthday! The whole family flew down to Florida to party with him – it was quite an accomplishment. Not only the longevity part but also the coordinating of nearly 25 people’s schedules! Everyone did their part to make “Papapaloosa” extra special – with cards, poems, cookies, creative stories and surprise guests – Papa was thrilled. It was worth all the traveling, scheduling and planning.

Pulling off an event like this is no small feat. I can’t take credit for it – because others in the family took the lead on this one but it is good to note that a list comes in handy when putting together something like this. You will definitely be less stressed if you write out everything in advance. Here’s a checklist for planning a successful family event: Read more

How Lists Can Help Organize Your Finances

You already know how I feel about lists and how much they can do for you. But here’s yet another example. Lists can help put more money in your pocket!

I’m the one who deals with the finances in our house– mostly because I’m a control freak. But I could always use a tip or two for being more organized with our money. So I asked Scott Gamm who is a total finance whiz kid…he’s also the founder of He’s been on national TV and has been published on many websites. And even better — he’s a list maker!

How Lists Can Help Organized Your Finances

by Scott Gamm

You probably make to-do lists at work, for the grocery store and when you have tons of errands to run. It’s not typical to make a financial to-do list, but it is one of the most important lists. Managing your money requires skill, care and time, all of which are no problem for a good accounting firm. There are many moving parts and components of your personal finances from credit cards to bank accounts to bills and mortgages. If you’re feeling overwhelmed when it comes to your finances, make a list! It’s a good idea to do some research when looking for an accounting firm.
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