Cut Down on Digital Clutter

Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot :

It can be worse than real clutter — I’m talking about digital clutter.  If it seems like your emails are never ending and you can’t come up for air — you are a victim of this electronic issue.  I’ve written about websites that will help you manage your emails better.  And I’ve even shared a video about ways to reduce inbox anxiety too.

But there’s always room for more tips if you’re becoming an electronic hoarder!  I was recently interviewed about computer clutter by  You can check out the full article but here are some of the highlights from the experts:

  • Make folders in your email and hard drive
  • Make organizing files a habit
  • Get rid of files and emails that you don’t need
  • Make an archive folder for emails you want to keep but don’t need right now
  • Get a separate email for newsletters
  • Unsubscribe if you find yourself not reading newsletters
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