Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I’m not a “last minute” type person — but in case you are…here’s a few gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

by Teri Gault

Moms really appreciate useful gifts, especially for those things she wouldn’t buy for herself. Fresh cut flowers are nice, but fade and die. Give her something that will last, and that she can enjoy for a long time. Moms also appreciate gifts of time, which is a mother’s love language. So you’ll find some of my recommendations are “handmade” or require a little time. Your gift of time is the best message of love to mom, plus it saves money!

1. Herb Garden Kit for $10-$20 – Great for Mom’s kitchen, including potting soil, starter seeds, pot and all. Here’s one for under $10.

2. A Flower Garden – Give mom an outdoor flower garden. Wrap up pretty gardening gloves, and gardening hand tools. Include a gift card to a local nursery or home improvement store so Mom can choose flowers for her garden. Print off a certificate redeemable for a “1 Full day of Gardening Labor”.

3. Themed gift baskets at 70% savings! – Fill a basket with $100 worth of luxury items that mom will love for under $30. Check drug store sales and use coupons for 70% savings or better on: nail polish, body wash, body scrub, body lotion, scented candles, and more.

4. Potted Centerpiece for under $10 – If you’re serving a Mother’s Day brunch, make a beautiful centerpiece that will last! Find a flower pot at a garage sale or thrift store for a few bucks. Visit the local nursery for packs of flowers to fill the pot. Drugstores often have potting soil on sale for one dollar, perfect for filling a pot of flowers. The finished flower pot makes a lovely centerpiece and now mom has flowers to last all summer on her front door step!

5. All “New” Shoes – Make a custom shoe polish kit to make mom’s shoes look like new! First, take a look at mom’s shoes and colors, and put together a kit of polishes and cleaners that will make mom’s shoes sparkle. Include a “coupon” for “4 Hours at the Shoe Salon”, redeemable for 4 hours of polishing and cleaning by YOU!

6. Special Treats – Give her gift Cards for fun things she loves for $10 or less: Frozen Yogurt, Starbucks, Car Wash,

7. “Out of the House” gift for $20: Give mom a gift card to go out for: Manicure, Pedicure, or Movies

8. $1 Storage/Tote/Organizer (kid’s craft) – Stop off at a dollar store and pick up one dollar bright colored mini storage totes, one for each child to decorate, as mom can always use more than one. Dad can cut one inch strips from bright colored old T-shirts.

9. Watches – Every mom is always busy on her schedule, whether its pick up the kids or cooking the dinner a watch to help her keep time is great! A friend recommended a watch from WatchShopping

9. Wine subscription – What do a lot of moms love? Wine! However, wine shopping can be difficult. Aisles and aisles of bottles can become very daunting. Get your mom a wine subscription so she can have regular, fantastic wine without the stress of purchasing it.

Teri Gault is the CEO and founder of, a website that provides shoppers with a fun and easy way to achieve substantial savings on their grocery and drugstore bills. Members log onto the site to get a weekly shopping list, which helps them to reduce shopping time and money by using coupons at precisely the right time for optimum savings. A wife and mother of two, Teri began The Grocery Game as a home-based business in February 2000. As an avid saver and coupon-clipper, Teri decided to use her skills to create a list to help identify when to use coupons, based on categorical sales trends, to achieve maximum savings at her local supermarket.

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  1. Laura
    Laura says:

    Talk about timely! What great ideas – especially like the “out of the house” idea. Thanks for yet another informative and enjoyable post. Enjoy the weekend! (And Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there!)


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