8 Ways to Blend in Like a New Yorker

New York City

New York City (Photo credit: kaysha)

BlogHer12 has invaded New York City and 4,500 bloggers have swarmed the Big Apple. Many of those bloggers, this one included, are from New York City. But for those of you who aren’t — or anyone visiting New York City — I’ve made a list of ways to blend in like a New Yorker. We have our own flair and attention must be paid if you want to get around the city that never sleeps in one piece.

Ways to Blend in Like a New Yorker

1. Pronunciation: That street downtown is pronounced “House-ton,” not Houston like the city, which is how it’s spelled. I have no idea why this is — go with it and you will fit right in.

Also — don’t make fun of how we say coffee. No one likes that 🙂

2. Cab Etiquette: Just get in and close the door. Then tell the cabbie where you are headed. They are supposed to take you anywhere you want to go — even the outer boroughs — but sometimes they are cranky. Don’t give them a chance to toss you.

3. Getting Around: The subway or walking is always faster than a cab. Trust me. Some people go on a daily observatory in NYC, to get out and enjoy the fresh Manhattan fresh air.

4. Walking: Just walk faster than you normally would and you’ll be fine. New Yorkers are extremely quick and strategic on the sidewalks.

5. Dining Trick: New York restaurants sometimes do this snobby thing where they won’t seat you unless your “full party is in the restaurant.” It annoys me like nothing else. So my advice is to tell a little white lie — just say everyone is present. If a question comes up about where your fourth friend is — say she has a small bladder or something!

6. Drink Jamba Juice: Not only will you be trendy, but also well hydrated!

7. Bring Up Brunch: Make sure you bring brunch up in several conversations. New Yorkers are totally in love with brunch. Talk about the best places to go, what you ate and be prepared to share pics of your yummy meal.

8. Avoid Times Square: New Yorkers have a love/hate relationship with the crossroads of the world. Ok, you don’t have to avoid it all together but if you want to fit in like a real New Yorker…at least complain about it and talk about avoiding it.

I’m being a brat with most of these of course. New York is a fun and fabulous place and I’m just pointing out some of the quirkier things. I’m sure you will love it as much as I do! Enjoy your stay!

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  1. Laura
    Laura says:

    Another fun and fab list, Paula! I particularly like the Times Square advice. While I love walking through the area on my way to work bright and early before the crowds hit, it’s beyond zoo-y later in the day! Visitors, beware indeed! Can’t wait to hear more about BlogHer. Enjoy!


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