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I’m done with my holiday shopping and plan on enjoying Christmas music, movies and all the food, family and festivities that go along with it.

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Over the past few months (I start shopping for the holidays in August) I’ve already cashed in on some great deals thanks to retailers like Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and The Limited running amazing promotions for up to 40% off! I’ve also used some online auctions and if you want to learn more about them, check out some dealdash reviews. But not everyone wants to watch and wait for deals. Now you don’t have to! There’s a fabulous new site called that will do it for you. There are so many sites similar to Hukkster that uses the impulsive buy tendency we all have, and it’s great, especially when you are shopping for holidays!

The site was started by two former J. Crew merchandisers who wanted to help people save money, clear clutter and save time. Katie Finnegan and Erica Bell just launched this site to the public but I’ve been using the beta version for a bit and I’m really loving it.

Here’s how it works:

1. Do a little online holiday shopping on your lunch break

2. Find something you love but don’t want to pay full price to purchase

3. “Hukk it” using their handy bookmarklet

4. Get an email notification when that item goes on sale

5. Save money

6. Cross another person off your holiday gift list!

I think the thing I love the most about this is that it gives you the freedom to do a little research and think about what you’re going to buy. This cuts down on impulse buys and last minute freaking out over gift buying. The only con I have for this site is that not all retailers support it. So some retail sites might not work with hukkster. But I’m guessing this will be worked out in updates.

Here’s a portion of an interview that I did with the founders via email for more on it:

1. How and when did you come up with the idea for Hukkster?

We met over six years ago at J.Crew where we worked side by side as merchandisers. Several years later we traded in our nautical stripes for suits and the chaotic lifestyle of management consulting. We no longer had access to our J.Crew corporate discount nor did we have time to sort through all the special offers that piled up in our inboxes. We were intent on accessing the styles we loved at affordable prices and knew there had to be a better way. Voila, Hukkster was born! Hukkster clears away all the clutter, bringing you notifications on only the specific products you are interested in and saving you time and money season after season.

Hukkster is the essential online shopping tool for fashion and beyond. In one simple step, it is a bookmarklet that installs in your browser and optimizes your shopping experience online. As you visit all your favorite e-commerce sites, you can “hukk” products to collect them in one place for immediate access and be informed via email or text when they go on sale (you will also find out about any site-wide promotions or coupon codes!!)

2. Why do you think this is so valuable for people in terms of productivity and saving money?

There are many websites out there today that aim to influence us in one way or another. For those who love to shop but are short on time, the last thing we need is to see what everyone else is buying or to be inundated with deals and content we have no interest in. We need to narrow and decide. Hukkster empowers shoppers to do just that. Instead of making impulse purchases you later regret, with Hukkster you track the products you care about, creating a virtual wish list that allows for comparison shopping and efficient decision-making. Hukkster saves you time and money, so you can spend it on more important things.

3. Who is the ideal user?

Busy online shopping enthusiasts! Men and women who like to shop and could spend hours browsing online, but more likely are squeezing it in during the 20 minute lunch break. There are products they are willing to splurge on, and there’s that whole category of “nice to haves” that can be tempting at just the right price.

4. What is the plan for this going forward with this tool?

Today our focus in fashion and accessories; however, our members can “hukk” and track sporting goods, home goods, beauty products, etc. Eventually, Hukkster will evolve into the essential online shopping tool across all e-commerce verticals.

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