List of Reasons You Need a Cleaning Person


I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the idea of having a cleaning person come into my home and pay her for the same job I can do myself. However — my opinions have changed. This is one task that you should absolutely hire someone else to do for you.

Here are my reasons:

1. She does a better job than you: I had two women come to my one bedroom apartment and clean it this weekend. I realized — I’m really bad at cleaning. Although I’m fine at surface cleaning and making things look tidy — I can’t achieve the same level of cleanliness they did. Whether it’s the equipment, elbow grease or time devoted to the cleaning — it doesn’t matter.

2. It saves you time: While they were cleaning my apartment I was able to go to Barnes and Noble and check out a few books that I’ve been meaning to look at. I took some notes for an upcoming video project I’m working on for this blog and I was able to spend some time chatting with my mom.

3. It can be cost effective: I think the number one reason people don’t hire cleaning crews is because of the cost. Why would I pay someone to do something that I can do for free? It’s not free though — you are spending your time and losing money because you could be working on more important projects.

4. You’ll be happier: When I walked in and saw how shiny and clean everything looked I was so relieved. I didn’t have to stare at dustbunnies in disgust anymore or try to figure out the best cleaning products to attack built up water stains. It had been done for me. Period, the end.

5. You deserve a break: Each of us has a million things going on and I think you should give yourself a break when it comes to this one. Like Leah Busque from says “Just because you can do something — doesn’t mean you should do it.” Go ahead — check “clean house” off your to-do list by giving it to someone else!

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