4 Ways to Get Inbox Zero

photo (1)I finally did it! I got to Inbox Zero. It’s really an amazing feat if you ask me. Getting your inbox to have absolutely nothing in it. Crazy, right? Well I was able to do it this weekend. I don’t know how long it will stay that way but I feel great.

Having Inbox Zero gives you a great sense of accomplishment and relief. Not being overwhelmed by a full inbox can do wonders for your psyche. It’s a wonderful way to start the week.

Here’s a few tips to get an Inbox Zero of your own!

  1. Make time: You have to set aside time to go through emails and do nothing else. You can write back, delete, save for later and delegate during this time. But make sure this is the only project you are working on.
  2. Unsubscribe: This is a great time to unsubscribe to the newsletters that you are constantly deleting. I get it – you want to read them but you don’t have time and they end up cluttering up your mailbox and making you anxious. Guess what? You don’t need them. Take the time now to unsubscribe – or change the settings so you only get the updates once a month if it’s something you really are interested in.
  3. Outsource: This is a big one. Whenever you come across something that needs your attention figure out who is best to do it. Sometimes it’s not you. If you need to do some research but don’t have time – hire someone at FancyHands.com to do it for you. I use their service all the time. Or if you keep getting nagging emails about finding the perfect restaurant for a get together – send someone from TaskRabbit.com in your place. Now you can get back to the stuff you’re really good at.
  4. Make a list: If you know me and know this blog at all… you knew this was going to be one of the items! I can’t stress enough how important having a roadmap in the form of a list can be. As you’re going through your inbox – make a list of all the to-dos, follow ups and tasks you need to get done. Then wipe the email from the inbox. Now all the actions aren’t trapped in your inbox but instead ready to be dealt with on our to-do list.
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