Cross “Meet Giada de Laurentiis” Off My Bucket List

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Me & Giada at BEA in NYC

I have to share a really fun “bucket list” item with you.  I met Giada de Laurentiis!  Every year I attend Book Expo America (BEA) at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in NYC for work.  It’s a huge gathering of book publishers, publicists, authors, potential authors, librarians and book lovers.  I set up several meetings with publishers and get the skinny on the new books coming out in the next few months so I can set up interviews.  It’s always a fun and enlightening event.  But this year was the best yet!  

Meeting Giada

I had no idea that Giada would be at BEA.  Which is really surprising because, as you know, I’m huge on research.  But this year I figured I’d just go with the flow and see what popped up.  As I walked through I stumbled upon her signing books for her new children’s series, “Recipe for Adventure.”  They come out in September and they are chapter books that teach kids about food through traveling to Naples and Paris.  There will be other cities in the future as well.

At my job, I see a lot of celebrities come and go through our building. I’ve done segments with Cynthia Nixon, Jim Belushi and Chris O’Donnell to name a few.  But I have to say — I’m a little jaded and don’t often get star struck.  But I think it’s because I’ve learned to cook by watching Giada’s shows and reading her cookbook that I feel like I know her!  I admire her a lot too so it was a real thrill to meet her in person.

My Vision Board Comes Through Again 

You might think I’m totally crazy — but this actually happened.  I’m a huge vision

Giada on my vision board

Giada on my vision board

board person and I look at mine everyday.  (It is what got me tickets to the final season of The Oprah Winfrey Show.)

I keep it inside my closet door so I look at it as I get dressed in the morning. Before I made my way to BEA I checked out my vision board and no kidding — I touched the photo I have of Giada on it.  It was just a cute little gesture to say, “Hi” and make myself smile.  I don’t ever do that. (I always high five my photo of Oprah…but never Giada.)  And look what happened!  You just never know.  Could it be a complete coincidence…yes.  But I don’t think it is.  I think it’s another example of “You Become What You Believe.”  If you believe something will happen, it will.

Most mornings I high five Oprah for a little inspiration

Most mornings I high five Oprah for a little inspiration

I got to chat with Giada for a bit and gushed over how lovely she looked. (She’s much smaller than I thought — she’s only about 5’2”.)  I also told her that my DVR is filled with her shows and that my husband is always getting on me about deleting some of them.  (Ask my colleagues .. I can sometimes be seen watching episodes at my desk :))  I also told her that my favorite episodes have her Aunt Raffy in them because their dynamic is priceless.

She mentioned that she has a health and wellness book coming out soon so hopefully I’ll be able to have her in for an interview in the winter!  I totally forgot to ask her if she’s a list maker.  I told her we should go out for drinks after the segment and chat  — stay tuned!

Which celebrity would you love to meet?

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