Creative Products for the Ultimate List Enthusiast

Summer is coming to an end and it’s back to business as usual. Given my love for lists, I thought it might be fun to feature some creative list and organization inspired products. I found some crazy stuff, including notebook paper and pencil socks! Am I the only one who would love to wear those? These are a few more of my favorite finds:
I would love to drink my green tea out of this mug!
Another cup product, but this could make a great gift for a fellow list enthusiast. Personalize it with his or her name!
You can actually write on these coasters and they wipe clean with a regular eraser! Make the purchase even more fun by writing little notes on them: “Use me! Don’t leave a ring on the table.”
How cute are these? As the weather starts to change, put these socks on under your boots! No one will know and you can have a little fun going off to work every day.
I love these! Do you bring lunch to work? Drop one of these napkins in your brown paper bag with a little note saying, “Have a great day!” or “It’s lunchtime! You’re halfway through the day” to keep yourself motivated. If you have something important to do at lunchtime, write yourself a reminder on one of these napkins.
Would you use these products? Check them out and more on Pinterest!

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