6 Things You Never Knew About the Post-It Note

Sticky notes on the wall of the Wikimedia Foun...

Sticky notes on the wall of the Wikimedia Foundation office (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They are everywhere – colorful squares, tiny translucent flags – wherever you are, you’re likely nearby a Post-It. People everywhere depend on them for reminders, their to-do list, and to get organized.

At any one time I may have a flurry of sticky notes on my desk, on loose pieces of paper, folders, magazine pages and even on my phone!

But did you ever stop to think about how those sticky little squares came to be?

Check out these facts you never knew about the Post-It:

  1. The tiny reminders were actually created in 1968 by accident! (Nope, Romy & Michelle didn’t invent them after all)
  2. Spencer Silver, a 3M scientist, created the the reusable adhesive while trying to make a super strong one.
  3. 3M developer, Arthur Fry, used the adhesive on his bookmark inside his song book at church. He eventually started using them at work.
  4. The original canary yellow color was also an accident. It just so happened to be the color of the scrap paper the scientist used to test his adhesive.
  5. The very first Post-It note hit stores in 1980.
  6. Canary yellow notes remain the biggest seller even though there are a variety of colors available.
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