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sample sizesFree samples are genius. Think about a winery: you go, you sample, you buy bigger quantities. It’s really the smartest marketing a company can do.I love the idea of “try before you buy” and sampling is a great way to expand an interest or try something new! Sites that sell sample subscription services (wow — that’s a lot of alliteration) are all the rage right now. It is also a great way to give gifts.

Here is a list of some services that you might want to try or gift:

  1. Get pretty without the price. High end beauty products can get so expensive. Try a service like Birchbox for sample sizes of products to make you look and feel good! (Priced at $10/month for women and $20/month for men)
  2. Get healthy. Try a site like if you want to start snacking healthy but don’t know where to start in the grocery store. (Prices starting at $30/box)
  3. Help someone else. delivers healthy, organic snacks to your home every month and for every month you subscribe, they donate a meal to a hungry child. (Prices range from $10-20 per month)
  4. Help yourself and the planet. Have you ever considered making the lifestyle switch to Veganism? sends subscribers samples of everything from vegan beauty products, to vegan snacks, to eco-friendly accessories. It’s a good way to test out the lifestyle before you go all out. (Priced at $19.95/month for a Beauty or Snack box)
  5. Show someone you care. There is nothing college students love more than mail and free food. Satisfy your favorite student with both when you sign up for a service like (Prices starting at $25/month for a 6 month subscription)
  6. Expand your palette. Do you know if you prefer a Noir or a Merlot? Join a wine subscription service to increase your knowledge of vino. Try a classic site like the Wine of the Month club. ($21.95 per month whether you want red, white, or both!)
  7. Take a staycation. Services like deliver themed boxes every month featuring artisan products to take a getaway from the comfort of your own home. Previous themes include Girls Night Out, Farmers Market, and Colorado Vacation. (An amazing getaway for only $25/month)

Whether you pamper yourself or treat someone else, these are great options to test out some fabulous products before you commit to buying something.

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