How to Live a Life Full of Gratitude

I’m all about having a gratitude list — I find that it really helps you focus on what’s important and all of the things you have in your life. It’s a great motivational technique and Miria Kutcher, professional life coach, says it will help you live a happier life. Here’s her list for ways to live a life full of gratitude:

How to Live a Life Full of Gratitude

by Miria Kutcher

The main difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich carries a list of what they have and the poor carries a list of what they need. Which list are you focusing on?

Being grateful for what you have is a powerful place to start.

With a heart full of gratitude, there’s no space for need, unhappiness, stress and or conflict. When we decide to see the positive things that life has to offer, we help life to bring us even more of what it has to offer.

There’s nothing better than gratitude to raise your energy level and bring you happiness. With gratitude in our heart, we attract more pleasant situations and people around us seem nicer and easier to deal with.

No secrets here… here are some simple steps to live a more grateful life.

1. Every morning or end of the day write at least 5 things that you are grateful for starting with: “I am grateful for…”

2. Pay attention to areas in your life that you want to improve. If it is your health, write things that are you are grateful for in your body and get focused on that. “I am grateful that I can easily walk.” “I am grateful that I drink water effortlessly.” “I am grateful that my teeth are strong.” etc…

3. Is the appearance of your body annoying you? Look into what you like about your body and write down a list of qualities that you are grateful for – be grateful for the body you have. Do the same with your financial wealth or your relationships. Being grateful will help you to see that miracles can and do happen.

4. Try to find different things every day to stimulate yourself to explore even more reasons to be grateful.

If at this moment of your life it is impossible to write a gratitude list, honor your feelings and write down all the problems that are challenging you. Be specific, realistic and honest with yourself.

Doing that, you are developing an awareness of yourself and from there you can choose to take responsibility for your involvement in the situation. Being grateful for all that you have will help in many unexpected ways in the New Year!

Miria Kutcher is a professional life coach and EFT practitioner who helps clients embrace who they really are. Through Emotional Freedom Technique she teaches individuals how to find their passion and live a happy, healthy, balanced and fulfilling life.

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