How to Live a Life Full of Gratitude

I’m all about having a gratitude list — I find that it really helps you focus on what’s important and all of the things you have in your life. It’s a great motivational technique and Miria Kutcher, professional life coach, says it will help you live a happier life. Here’s her list for ways to live a life full of gratitude:

How to Live a Life Full of Gratitude

by Miria Kutcher

The main difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich carries a list of what they have and the poor carries a list of what they need. Which list are you focusing on?

Being grateful for what you have is a powerful place to start.

With a heart full of gratitude, there’s no space for need, unhappiness, stress and or conflict. When we decide to see the positive things that life has to offer, we help life to bring us even more of what it has to offer. This may be easy for some to understand, but not everyone may see how important it is to see what life is really about. Whether it takes visiting someone like Tony Robbins London to get some inspiration from a life coach, watching some videos online on how to motivate yourself or even write down a list of things you may be thankful for, maybe finding gratitude in life may be a lot easier than people may think.

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