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The holidays are a time for family and spending time with the people you love, but how easy is it to forget that while you’re freaking out about finding the perfect gift? Save yourself a little holiday stress this year and check out my guide to the perfect gifts for the list makers in your life.

These gifts are great because they keep on giving by getting you organized and helping make you more productive. I admit – I’ve put quite a few on my list this year!

1. Mighty Purse – Mighty Purse charges your phone in your handbag, a perfect gift for the modern girl-on-the-go who always needs to stay connected.  There’s nothing worse than being out of juice when you need to reply back to just one more email ($149)


2. Coin – Have you ever wanted to keep all of your credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and membership cards on one card? You almost can! This gift won’t be available until Summer 2014, but you can pre-order now for 50% off.  The delay will almost make the gift better because your friend will get excited about how cool is it now and then all over again when it actually arrives ($55 with discount)



3. Boogie Board – Digital notes are great but who wants to give up the satisfaction of crossing things out? This tablet is perfect for list makers of all ages. It also syncs with Evernote and social media platforms so you can share your work ($99.99)


4. You Smell Paper Soap –  This soap was one of my first Fab Finds because it’s travel sized, convenient, and leaves your hands smelling delicious. Stick this awesome gift in the stocking of a list maker you love! ($8.75)


5. Solar Window Charger – Another former Fab Find, this solar-powered charger is friendly to the environment and so versatile it can charge any USB powered device. It’s the ideal gift for commuters ($70)


6. LiveScribe 3 Pen – Don’t let the list makers you love forget a thing! This pen uses special camera technology to turn everything you write into text. It’s the coolest gift ever for people who are always taking notes, like me! ($149.95)



7. Evernote Smart Notebook – Chances are the list maker in your life is using Evernote. This beautiful Moleskine notebook lets you instantly save anything you write to your Evernote account and tags each entry to make it searchable ($29.95)

8. Handbag Organizer – I know a list maker who would never get anything done if her list wound up in her purse. This sweet little organizer adds extra pockets to any bag that are small yet versatile enough for whatever you may need for your travels ($25)



9. Listography 2014 Weekly Calendar – Keep your to-do list (literally) up to date with this awesome planner that features fun illustrations and list prompts for every day of the year ($16.99)


10. WhiteyBoard – These white boards stick to almost any surface, making them perfect for wherever inspiration (or the urge to make a list) strikes. It’s perfect for impromptu brainstorming sessions. (Starting at $10)

11. Instant Wine Chiller – For the wine enthusiast in your life! Skip stashing your bottles on ice – this chiller is great because it cools down the wine at the moment it’s served. Nothing screams productivity like chilling your favorite wine in half the time — enjoy! ($39.95)



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