Fab Find: Stop Waiting On Hold With Fast Customer

As far as annoying things go — waiting on hold is right at the top of the list. It can literally take hours out of your life that you will never get back. Talk about being unproductive — well, luckily there is another way and it’s my Fab Find.

I recently had to call customer service to report a duplicate charge on my credit card. Instead of being aggravated and waiting on hold, I tried out a new app called FastCustomer. It does the waiting for you! Skip the menus and bad hold music – with a few taps you can choose what business you need to speak to and then sip coffee, check email, whatever – a representative will call you when the wait time is over!

It works for major companies like American Express, Bank of America, 1800 Flowers, insurance companies and even airlines. It is really a great way to outsource a necessary but irritating task. When I used it — the app called me back and I waited an additional three minutes for a representative. I think that’s time well spent.

Think about all the things you can do while someone else is waiting on hold for you!

1. Read a few articles on ListProducer.com for a more productive day

2. Clean out your email inbox

3. Make a healthy lunch

4. Journal

5. Meditate

6. Update other apps on your phone

7. Cross something off of your to-do list

8. Network on LinkedIn

9. Check out what’s happening in the world on Twitter

10. Watch a cute video – like this one:

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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  1. Kosio Angelov
    Kosio Angelov says:

    Paula, definitely a good find. I’ve often wondered if there is a better way to connect to customer service departments as it takes a looooong time to get to talk to some of them. I will check it out immediately as I need to make some calls today.

  2. Hilary Topper
    Hilary Topper says:

    Love this! It’s so true, we can be productive while waiting on hold. As I’m sitting here waiting on hold to join a conference call, I just read this article. Great job and great blog!


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