I’m Hosting a Free Productivity Apps Webinar

A few weeks ago I hosted a free webinar – “Boost your Productivity in 2014“. I really enjoyed sharing all of my tips with you and one of the most frequently asked question was about which apps I find most useful. So, I am happy to announce that on February 26th at 8pm EST, I will holding my 2nd FREE webinar : Productivity Apps!!

If you follow my blog, then you know I love all kinds of apps and just can’t get enough of them! I am constantly researching and testing out new ones to see which work best for my productive needs. Apps have recently been taking over my “Fab Find” column on Fridays.

When I see people using the “Notes” app on their iPhones to keep their to-do’s or tasks, I literally cringe thinking back to when I used to do the same! There are so many great apps out there that blow “Notes” right out of the water. And don’t fear – they are mostly all free!

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