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calendar year (12-30-08)

calendar year (12-30-08) (Photo credit: sun dazed)

Scheduling appointments and meetings can get confusing when there are multiple people involved. There’s always a few people who can’t meet the same time or day, and it can take multiple emails and phone calls to finally decide the best time.

With the help of technology, it comes as no surprise that there are tools out there that can help make scheduling important meeting and events a lot easier.

Doodle: This website is so simple and is perfect for scheduling anything from a hang out with the girls, to a business meeting. With the FREE version you select “time proposals,” which are just a few dates along with times for people to choose from. The site creates a poll, which you can email to your friends or colleagues to see what works for their schedule. The results will end up with a meeting time that everyone can make. You can also sync these to your calendar automatically. Doodle also has a premium account that will send automatic reminders, see who is missing from meetings, and more! (Basic plan = free. Premium = $39 a year. Free trial for 30 days)


Wiggio: With this free app/website you can create groups and do everything from scheduling a meeting to assigning to-do’s. Just as with Doodle you can poll people for the best times and dates to meet. You can also host virtual meetings and conference calls, manage events with a shared calendar, share files, and send emails/texts all through the site! This is great for any kind of group whether it be for a club, PTA meetings, or your group of friends to plan a weekend of fun! Now what’s a scheduled meeting without adding it to the calendar? These allow for easy schedule changes and organizing everything in one place.


Sunrise: This is free calendar app with a great design – just for personal use. Easily add events to your schedule along with the location (connects to Google maps for easy directions -awesome!) It will sync with Facebook events and birthdays as well as your other Google calendars so everything is in one place.(compatible with iPhone and iPad)


Tempo Smart Calendar : This app is also free and great for business. Allows you to add events and sync from other calendars. It will give you insights on people that you are meeting up with as well as company insights if meeting with a new business. For any event you can add the location and it gives you directions and time of arrival. Running late for an appointment? Not a problem, this will send an automated text to your attendees to let them know. This app lets you save documents that pertain to the meeting, so everything is just a touch away. If you travel a lot it will track your flight status and information. Never forget a birthday again because you can use the app to wish someone a happy birthday via Facebook.


Using apps for scheduling will save you a lot of time and energy. No more frustrating exchanges of emails to find the right times. Let technology work for you!

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