Checklist for Bringing the Suburbs to the City

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I grew up in the suburbs so moving to the city was a bit of a culture shock for me. It’s always a bit of worry when you’re moving to a completely different town or city. You have no idea what to expect. It seems almost unreal, first your searching for a new home on somewhere like, and the next, your family and life are packed up in the back of a truck, and you’re on an entirely new adventure! But now I love it and can’t see myself moving back any time soon. However, I really do miss some of the suburban life that you just can’t get in the city….until now! Similar to a staycation, I advocate using these tips to bring the suburbs to you:

Grow your own vegetables – My dad has a garden that is his pride and joy in the summer time. He grows tomatoes, kale, basil, peppers, zucchini and lots of other veggies. So going outside to grab an eggplant or a squash was super easy growing up. But now in the city it’s a bit more challenging to grow a garden.

So rather than try to make space on the floor, why not grow on the walls? You can make a wall-mounted spice rack using jars or repurpose an old shoe organizer as a hanging garden. Citrus fruit trees are also perfect for growing indoors and they make your apartment smell great.

Host a garden party on your fire escape – Okay, so it won’t be your typical garden party with gazebos and fancy hats – but it is possible to bring a relaxed, outdoor vibe to a fire escape or roof deck near you. All you need to host your own classy afternoon party is a couple of these milk crate stools or a macramé lawn chair, a small BBQ, and plenty of refreshments! Looking for even more seating ideas for your garden party? You might want to consider investing in some outdoor counter stools to create a bar-style vibe. If you have enough space, you could always invest in some proper outdoor furniture to complete the look too, that way you’ll have somewhere comfortable for your guests to sit, and maybe a good size table to serve your food and drinks on. Take a look at teak garden furniture as it is durable, and might come in sizes that you can squeeze into a small space.

Have a typical suburban family day out – The classic family day out involves strolling around the mall, playing a few rounds of mini golf, and taking the kids bowling in the evening.

Sign up for a farm share – To get that home grown feel in the city, why not join a CSA. Farm shares work with family farms to deliver organic and naturally-grown produce from a small local farm directly to your door. The shares allow you to become a “member” of the farm for a season. It’s great because as the harvest changes you get to discover plenty of new tastes and foods.

Watch an outdoor movie – You can’t get much more suburban the laying in the grass, stargazing and watching a movie with friends. Now you can experience this in the city too. Bryant Park runs a summer film festival every year showing all of your favorite classics.

How do you bring the suburbs into your life?

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