Cameron Diaz’s Shopping List Tips

Cameron diaz

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A friend recently informed me that in her new book, “The Body Book“, Cameron Diaz mentions how important shopping lists are to her health. She even included a few tips for when you sit down to make your own shopping list for the week:

1. How active will you be this week? Cameron believes it is important to design your nutrition around your body’s needs. For example, if you plan on hitting the gym five days that week then you need to plan meals to support that higher level of activity.
2. Are you going to be preparing breakfast? – If you decide to make breakfast in the morning before you leave the house, ask yourself what you might need for the week. This way you can have it on hand and prep it the night before.
3. How about grains? – Cameron suggests that you should prepare your grains in advance if your going to have a busy week. Try to make different batches of grains for more variety, such as brown rice with black lentils and then a batch of quinoa. This allows you to alternate them throughout the week.
4. Plan your produce – When planning your produce purchases Cameron recommends you think about what vegetables you might want for salads or roasting and what fruits you’d like to snack on.
What are some of your shopping list tips?
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