Celebrity Bucket List Wishes

English: Ellen DeGeneres in 2009.

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The past few weeks I’ve been doing a contest with SkinnyScoop.com where you can win a chance to have a productivity session with me and a $50 Amazon gift card! All you have to do it share you bucket list on Skinny Scoop before September 5th. To get you motivated to share your bucket list I’ve created a list of celebrities who have talked about their own plans.


Jim Belushi, Actor

“I’d love to do Broadway one day. I’ve done Broadway, but I’ve never opened my own show on Broadway.”


Kiernan Shipka, Actress (Mad Men)

When asked about what would be on her end of the world bucket list she said, “I don’t think the world’s going to end — but if it really was going to, I’d probably want to skydive.”


John Green, Author

“I would like to spend a week with my brother, where we do not talk about work. And I am confident in the fact that I will spend the next fifty years without achieving that, so that’s something I can hold on to.”


Ellen Degeneres, Comedian

“My dream one day when I am done with all this in front of the cameras I want to start a rescue organization for animals.”


Diane Lane, Actress

Her list has a nice variety of entries, including “Building a really cool tree house” and “Do a handstand away from the wall and hold it for more than a second.”


So did this motivate you to share your own wishes and dreams?  Don’t forget you have until September 5th to share your list.  Good luck!

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