Go on a ‘Fake-ation’ and Get More Done

vacationThe week before you go on vacation is filled with excitement, tension and anxiety as you rush to get all your work done before you go. For some, that last-minute panic is the only thing that can inspire them to get completely caught up on your work. So why not use the “vacation feeling” to get more done? If you want to catch up on your back log at work just act like you’re going on vacation so you can stay laser focused.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

Clean up & Close up – Make a list of everything you need to get done. Think about all the odd jobs you haven’t gotten around to finishing. If you know there’s something you’ve been putting it off, best to get it over and done with and then you really can relax over the weekend.

Start with a Bang – As tempting as it is to ease yourself into the week, getting your critical tasks out of the way early will save you time. This way you’re not cramming everything in at the last minute and you have time to follow up on tasks if need be. Plus, once you get through the really tough stuff you’ll feel motivated to get more done.

Indulge your Fantasies – If you can’t fool yourself into thinking your actually going on vacation, instead try taking short breaks to have a cup of tea and day dream about a vacation you would like to take.  I’ve got a great Pinboard on Pinterest devoted to places I’d like to go.

Get it Off Your Chest – The day before we leave for vacation we often feel bolder and are more likely to speak up, since we won’t face the consequences until after we return. But why wait until you’re going away? After working hard all week, push yourself that little bit further out of your comfort zone and finally pitch your boss that great idea you’ve ben sitting on.

Plan Something FunNow that you’ve actually gotten all your work done, the weekend is yours to enjoy. So why not plan a exciting weekend activity and try to knock something off your bucket list? If you’re feeling adventurous – go mountain climbing, bike a nearby trail or go white water rafting. Or for a quiet weekend in you could knock a couple books off your must-read list.

What would you plan for a relaxing stress-free weekend?

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