List Rehab at My Book Signing

Photo Jan 16, 7 13 24 AMOn Thursday I had my first ever book signing for Listful Thinking in a brand-new indie bookstore here in NYC. Earlier in the week I was pretty nervous about the whole event. I couldn’t stop worrying about who might show up and what questions they might ask.

But when Thursday night came around I actually ended up having a lot of fun. Nearly 60 people showed up and at one point it was standing room only! It was so great to talk with everyone.

Some people even brought their lists for me to check!

I also got asked some great questions that I thought I would share with you:

Photo Jan 16, 11 51 22 AM1.  What kind of pen do you use? I got a kick out of the fact that people wanted to know this! Honestly, I write mostly with a mechanical pencil. Pen is too concrete for me!

2. Where do you keep your lists?  I know it’s common to write lists on receipts or whatever scraps of paper you can find. While this is convenient, it’s also a pretty good way to lose your list. I like to keep all my lists in one notebook in my work desk so I can always refer back to them when I need them.  Plus I love apps like Evernote for managing certain lists.

Photo Jan 16, 11 52 51 AM3. What are some common list-making mistakes? The main mistake I see is people trying to put everything on one list. ‘Climb Mt Everest’ and ‘buy milk’ should never be written in the same list. It’s just impractical.  Separate personal to-dos from work to-dos and so on!

I’m doing another signing on Thursday, February 5th on Long Island.  It will be at Book Revue, which if you know anything about this bookstore — you already love!  Please swing by if you’re in the area.  Here is more information about the signing and a chance to RSVP.

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