List Rehab at My Book Signing

Photo Jan 16, 7 13 24 AMOn Thursday I had my first ever book signing for Listful Thinking in a brand-new indie bookstore here in NYC. Earlier in the week I was pretty nervous about the whole event. I couldn’t stop worrying about who might show up and what questions they might ask.

But when Thursday night came around I actually ended up having a lot of fun. Nearly 60 people showed up and at one point it was standing room only! It was so great to talk with everyone.

Some people even brought their lists for me to check!

I also got asked some great questions that I thought I would share with you: Read more

Stop Googling Yourself

mentionI have a confession — I’ve been known to casually Google myself every now and again. Come on…we’ve all done it! I even have Google alerts set up for my name, and a few keywords like list making and to-do lists. But there’s a better way!

I’ve discovered the app and website Mention. It’s amazing and acts like your own personal Internet trolling system. I started using it just before my book Listful Thinking launched because I want to know who is talking about it on the Internet. It can be hard to track them down using Google alerts only.  Infact, Google alerts hasn’t alerted me at all about the book. What’s up with that? Read more

You’re Invited to My First Book Signing

NEW YORKMy book Listful Thinking has officially launched and I’m so excited. People have been sending me their ‘shelfies‘ (selfies with your book shelf!) with my book from all over the country. If you want to join in the fun please tweet me your picture!

Normally on this blog I share my list with you, but now it’s time to turn the tables! I’m doing a book signing in New York on Thursday, January 15th and I want you to bring me your lists!

I started my this blog to help people become more efficient with their time and make better lists. Now I can help you face to face.

So if there’s a burning list-making question or app discussion you’re dying to have with me – come on down! The book signing will take place at Book Culture, 450 Columbus Avenue, NYC at 7pm.

This is a brand new independent bookstore in Manhattan — you don’t see a lot of those these days!  So come out and support this brand new gem on the Upper West Side as well.

I look forward to seeing you there!

3 Ways Short Deadlines Help You Do More

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The problem with time management is that humans are, in genera, fairly bad at judging time and how long things take. For example, five minutes seems like a short amount of time, but try holding a heavy box for five minutes and it’ll seem like an eternity.

So when we say we’re going to work on a project for an hour, we’re often setting ourselves up to fail. That’s why I believe splitting up your task into manageable chunks is actually the fastest way to get it done.

As a TV producer I’ve had years of practice so I know what 45 seconds vs. two minutes and 45 seconds feels like.  It takes a while to get the feel just right.  But when you do — it can be an amazing productivity tool.

Here’s some easy ways to break tasks into bite-sized pieces: Read more

Get Your Sh*t Together

screenshotMy good friend Terri Trespicio recently wrote a post for me full of relationship advice for the New Year. She invited me to be on her show “Solopreneur,” which is all about sharing success strategies when you work for yourself.  We talked all about lists and my book Listful Thinking in this episode titled “Get Your Sh*t Together”! In the video we ride the bus, we clear clutter, we drink tea….it’s a good time. As you can see from the picture, this guy was very interested to hear more about my productivity tips! If you’re just as interested do check it out!