Make This List to Get More Out of Your Day

412+FUKrQdLFrom CEOs to janitors, we all have the same problem – we don’t have enough time.

In fact, when you think about it, time is an equalizer.  That’s because we all only get 24 hours.

Even the President is forced to squeeze all his tasks into that 24-hour time frame.

So how do we do it?

I recently visited the Google headquarters with my husband in Mountain View, CA.  Our gracious guide Gopi Kallayil discussed this conundrum with us as he showed us around the gorgeous campus.

At one point he asked us, “If you only had one hour what would be the next one thing you would do with it that would maximize the quality of joy, presence and life?”

It’s a great question for unveiling your true priorities.

Often you’ll be surprised by how little time you dedicate to the things you would put at the top of that list. Read more

How To Read Twice As Much In Half The Time

girl-791686_1280I love reading. I’ve always been a book worm.  In school I would start a new book every few days.

While I still try to read as much as possible, I’m a little ashamed to admit down to about one book a month (if that!)

The slower I progress through my book list, the more guilty I feel.

The problem with reading is that it doesn’t really fit in with our “on-the-go” lifestyle. You can’t read a book while you walk (unless you are exceptionally talented). Which is why I’ve started listening to audio books.

When you’re no longer constrained to sitting down to read, it’s much easier to make time to learn something new or escape to a far off land in a book.   Read more

Listful Thinking Goes International

Spanish Listful ThinkingGuess who is going international?  I’m so excited and I just had to share with all of you.  

When my book Listful Thinking was published in January 2015, it was exciting to think about all the people out there who would read it. However, I had never imagined quite how far that reach could go.

I was recently excited to discover that my book has been translated into Spanish and Chinese!

Isn’t that so cool?

While I write this blog from an American perspective I do believe that lists are universal. I’m very thankful that I can share my passion even across language boundaries.

Listful Thinking ChineseI’ve added pictures of my international covers into this post.

You’ll note that since Listful Thinking doesn’t exactly translate, the Spanish language version is called Lists, Lists and More Lists.  If anyone can read the one in Chinese please fill me in and let me know what Listful Thinking translates to there.  

I’m grateful to have gotten a bunch of new subscribers to this blog since Listful Thinking went international too.  Welcome and thanks for joining us here at  If you have any productivity or list-making topics that you’d like me to tackle shoot me an email.