Listful Thinking Goes International

Spanish Listful ThinkingGuess who is going international?  I’m so excited and I just had to share with all of you.  

When my book Listful Thinking was published in January 2015, it was exciting to think about all the people out there who would read it. However, I had never imagined quite how far that reach could go.

I was recently excited to discover that my book has been translated into Spanish and Chinese!

Isn’t that so cool?

While I write this blog from an American perspective I do believe that lists are universal. I’m very thankful that I can share my passion even across language boundaries.

Listful Thinking ChineseI’ve added pictures of my international covers into this post.

You’ll note that since Listful Thinking doesn’t exactly translate, the Spanish language version is called Lists, Lists and More Lists.  If anyone can read the one in Chinese please fill me in and let me know what Listful Thinking translates to there.  

I’m grateful to have gotten a bunch of new subscribers to this blog since Listful Thinking went international too.  Welcome and thanks for joining us here at  If you have any productivity or list-making topics that you’d like me to tackle shoot me an email.  

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  1. Jensen
    Jensen says:

    Hi, Poala. I am a taiwanese reader(the xhinese version. ) I think it will be better to translate the book title as “Why elites are all listholic.” And I like your book,too. Than you!

    • Paula Rizzo
      Paula Rizzo says:

      Hi there! Thanks for reading the book – that makes me happy! And I so appreciate the translation – that makes sense! Happy List Making 🙂

  2. Yu-Tien
    Yu-Tien says:

    I am the reader from Taiwna, Chinese version is kind of ” why elite is list complex (or list holic)”

    I like your book and I like make list too.


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