Be Less Forgetful With These Apps

adult-15814_640Here’s a secret — I’m pretty forgetful.  I really need to write things down immediately or they fly right out of my head. Between working as a news producer and managing this blog I have a lot to remember. I rely heavily on lists of course and programs like Asana, but sometimes things fall through the gaps. So I’m always looking for new technology to help me keep track of everything I need to remember.

Here are some of the new apps I’ve been trying lately: – allows you to keep an online log of all your to-do’s. You can break down projects into smaller tasks, as well as sharing tasks with friends and family. You can also send an email to add it as a task.  Available to download on Android and iOS.

Knock Knock – Networking events are great for meeting new people, but it can be a problem if you aren’t good with names. Knock Knock is here to solve your problems. This app works without you even having to open your phone. You just have to knock on your phone, and anyone else in your vicinity who does so will be joined with you in a group chat. Your phones will automatically add their contact information. Richard Branson is among investors for this app so expect big things! Right now there’s a waiting list so get your spot.

Packpoint – Deciding how much clothing you need for a vacation is always tough. It’s like cooking spaghetti – you always have too much or not enough. Packpoint helps you take the guesswork out of travel packing. Just tell the app where you’re going and for how long and it will create a personalized packing list for your vacation, including all the essentials like passports and sunscreen!

Pocket – This happens all the time.  You see an article you want to read just not right now. Don’t just make a mental note to look it up later, save the article in Pocket. This app is a “save-for-later” service that allows you to save web pages from any device all to one place in just one click. I use Pocket all the time to store articles I think might be relevant for this blog. 

Matchbook – I often pass by restaurants that I want to try, or get recommendations – I used to make a note of them in Evernote. But I would hardly get around to trying them until I found Matchbook. This app allows you to enter the name of the restaurant you want to remember manually or search for it. If you are nearby –there’s a button for that and Matchbook will find the restaurant for you! Brilliant! You can add tags to remember certain things about the place like if it’s got a great brunch, is loud or is super trendy.

What apps do you use to boost your memory?

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