5 Money-Saving Apps to Try

money-256319_640Making lists goes hand in hand with budgeting. Sometimes it’s not about how much you’re spending, but what you’re spending that money on. Lists help you keep track of that kind of detail.  Most people know how much they spend on groceries or gas a month, but how much do you spend at restaurants or on new clothes? Or how can you save a few dollars here or there to buy the stuff you really want?

Here are some of my favorite money-saving apps:

Mint.comThis website organizes all your accouts into one easy to view site. It has a savings tool, which allows you create a saving goal and lets you know if you’re on track to meet your goal. They also have a budgeting tool that tracks all your expenses and puts them into categories. It’s a free, easy to use service.

If you’re worried about security Mint has recently introduced a two-step verification process so your login is more secure.

Acorn – A mobile investment application that allows you to invest your spare change, with the goal of either building wealth or reaching short-term savings goals. Acorn will automatically round up any purchase you make and then invest that small change in the stockmarket.

When you first sign up Acorn asks you questions about yourself and your current financial situation so it can invest your money wisely. It’s a great way to get involved in investing without having to learn about the complexities of the stock market. One downside is that it’s only available in the US.

Voucher Cloud – Everyone loves a good deal! Before you buy, check this website to see if there are any current deals that can save you money! There are loads of different categories to choose from, but vouchercloud specializes in discounts from restaurants and clothing stores.

Honey – A chrome extension that automatically searches for coupons before you buy something and adds it to your order before you check out. It saves you the pain of searching the internet for coupons. I use it all the time and it’s saved me loads so far!

Bill Tracker – In the good ol’ days bills used to be due either halfway through or at the end of the month. Nowadays it’s more common to have bills due throughout the month, or bills with changing dates! Bill tracker can help you keep up to date with all your payments and syncs with your phone’s calendar. It costs $2.99, but is only available for iPhone users for now.

What money-saving apps do you use?

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