Why You’re Really Not Getting Anything Done

If you are anything like me (and if you’re reading this blog you probably are) then when you first start a new project or set a new goal you throw yourself in headfirst.

We can all get caught up in the moment. Sometimes I’ll even spend more money than I should buying ‘essential’ items that I think I need to finish my project.

Sound familiar?

We’ve all felt that compulsion to buy $200 sneakers the second we decided we need to get back in shape.

However as time goes on, the excitement fades and our brand new sneakers sit in the closet collecting dust. Just like in relationships our passion for our projects can fall into a rut or get stalled before they even start.

So how do you keep the spark alive? Here are some of the ways to pick up where you left off and actually follow through on those projects:

Go back to the drawing board – I’m not saying you should start over, but sometimes it can be beneficial to take a look back. What were your initial plans – if there were any – for this project? Perhaps they were very ambitious or didn’t have enough scope. Altering your initial ‘blueprints’ can help to breathe some life back into your project! Ask a friend to sit down with you and go through the bullet points. You might have a change of heart or find some motivation this way.

Give yourself something to look forward to – When you’re looking back over your original plans you might see part of the project you were really excited about. Schedule to do the ‘fun’ task after you’ve done a few boring ones so you have the motivation to get through them. Also make sure to set up rewards, like watching a new movie, or calling a friend for meeting big milestones.

Seek out positivity – If you don’t believe you will ever reach a goal or finish a project you never will. Likewise if you’re surrounded by negative people.  Their bad vibes can affect your performance. When I’m stuck on a serious problem I always seek out my ‘cheerleader’ friends as well as those who give good advice. Feeling positive that you can overcome an issues is half the battle.

Outsource – The first mistake many people make is thinking they have to do everything themselves. Remember your time is precious and is only required for the tasks that really need it. For everything else, there are services like Task Rabbit or Fancy Hands that can iron out the details while you focus on the grand plan.

Snoop around – Whatever your project or goal is, the chances are high that someone has tried it before. If there is at least one person who’s been in your shoes you can almost guarantee that they had a few bumps along they way as well. In these situations it’s okay to be a bit nosy. Find out how others overcame the issues you’re facing. Sometimes it just helps to remember you’re not the only one.

What goals are you stuck on?

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