5 Friends to Boost Your Productivity

Whenever I start a new project or I want to try out a new idea for ListProducer.com I always run it past my friends first. It’s not just for their great advice, but because talking it through can often help me understand what I want from my project or idea.

Friends aren’t just great for advice they can help you to get more done. I’ve written before about having a friend as an accountability buddy, but friends can also push you to achieve more than you thought possible. For example, my friend Terri and I run an online course called Lights Camera Expert, which  helps experts, entrepreneurs and authors get media attention.

Because we’ve both been media professionals  Terri and I discuss the different pitches we received. Often bemoaning the bad ones to each other. It was only when we realized that we could actually help people craft better pitches and teach them how the media works, that our course was born. As such close friends we know when to criticize and when to encourage the other, which makes for a great business partnership!

This might not work for all friendships, but we all have different types of friends for different reasons. No matter what kind of friendship you have with someone you can still encourage them to be their best selves and vice versa! Here are some of the classic types of friends and how they make you more productive and help you reach your goals.

The Cheerleader – This friend is always there on the sidelines cheering you on. They’re the one you meet for coffee before an important interview, the one there to high five you after a big race and sometimes they’re just the first person to like your photos on Facebook (there’s always that nervous first few minutes with no activity!) We need cheerleader friends when times are good, but also when things are tough. When you start to doubt yourself it’s always good to have someone who believes in you unconditionally. Whenever I reach a mid-project slump I always call my Mom because I know she will give me the inspiration I need!

The Mom – When you need to organize a big dinner, event or group vacation this is the friend you phone first. This friend knows how to get stuff done. They’re also there to kindly remind you when you start lapsing on your goals. For example, if you’re writing a book this friend can be relied on to subtly ask when was the last time you actually put pen to paper. Like an accountability buddy, the Mom is always there to keep you in check. This friend is also great if you need to brainstorm some ideas as they often like to get stuck into projects.

Your Polar Opposite – As an organized person I sometimes feel the need to plan every second of my day. But this friend couldn’t be more opposite, rather than getting wrapped up in a plan they live each day in the moment. I like having friends like this who can remind me that every second doesn’t have to be planned. The web designer and marketing strategist  for ListProducer.com, Cass McCrory, is very good at going with the flow. Finding someone who is the total opposite of you can help you come out of your shell and learn more about yourself.  

The Pillar – While they may be one of the quieter members of a group of friends, the pillar makes for a great listener. Sometimes we just need to have a good rant or try to sound something out and this friend is just perfect for that. Plus they can always be relied upon when you need them, like for a last minute outfit purchase or when you’re moving.

The Partier – This person knows how to throw a great party! So when you finally achieve your goals they can help you celebrate in style.They may not help you actually cross the finish line, but they’re the one waiting with a big bowl of guacamole and a margarita.  

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