List of Gifts for Guaranteed Smiles

As you probably know I’m a productivity nerd, as well as an organizational nerd. I love finding new stationery stores or new ways to organize my life. However what you might not know is that I’m also a total gift giving nerd. Taking the time to really research and find the best gift for people is a hobby of mine. It’s partly why I start my Christmas shopping in August.

Finding the right gift for someone, at the right price, is no easy feat. The more presents I buy the more determined I am to find something that would be really meaningful to that person. Resources like Amazon wish lists and gift cards can make gift giving easier, but I feel like they take away a personal aspect of the process.

If you are also struggling to find the perfect gift, here are some unique gifts ideas I’ve found:

Job Related Gifts – While it may not seem like a good idea to give them a gift related to their job, if the gift can make their life easier then they will definitely be appreciative of the thoughtful gifts. If you don’t want to go down that route then why not get them a humorous gift for them to wear or take to work? For example, my friend is a pilot and he was given this funny shirt for pilots and everyone he works with loves it! There is no better feeling than making your friends or family laugh with your gift to them.

Capstone Crystals – I love crystals and I think they make a great gift. Capstone Crystals has crystals for different elements, so you can personalize your gift based on what you feel your friends and family are looking for most. They have crystals for abundance and fine tuning your intuition. I’ve been wearing a crystal for a few years and I swear it helps to protect me and make me feel better. I was wearing one when my appendix burst and through most of my recovery.

Dogeared – Jewelry is a classic gift for many, but what about jewelry with a meaning behind it? Dogeared offer necklaces, bracelets, pins and more that symbolize our desires or serve as a reminder of our values. For example they have a palm tree necklace to remind you to take life easy or a compass necklace for those who love to travel.

Uncommon Goods – This website offers huge range of weird and wonderful gifts. When looking for gifts you can often get hit by analysis paralysis. That’s because there’s just so many choices, you can overthink things and get stuck. A website like this can help to re-ignite your inspiration, opening your mind to new ideas. I often check out websites like these to get the creative juices following and to narrow down the kind of gift I’d like to buy. They have jewelry and gifts for the house that are truly unique. For example this map details all the national parks in the US and allows you to mark off those you’ve visited – ideal for the adventurous outdoorsy types!

Where do you buy meaningful gifts for your loved ones? I’m always looking for new suggestions!

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