How to Travel Productively


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Spontaneous trips are fun but productive trips are better!

Having a plan allows you to save money, travel safely, and enjoy a stress-free trip to a beautiful destination! And there’s a perfect amount of planning to prepare for your vacation.

Founder & CEO of Tripscout, Konrad Waliszewski joined me on Inside Scoop to teach how to travel productively.

Here are his top tips for an organized (but not too organized trip)!

1) Use social media to plan!

We all follow influencers and magazines that show us the usual tourist spots all over the world. But social media, Instagram especially, can show you all the cool spots that locals love!

“You can connect with the local artists, the creators, the bloggers, the foodies,” Konrad said.

And Instagram is especially great.

“Instagram is probably the most important travel company that most people don’t ever think of as a travel company,” he added.

Another great site is Konrad’s site Tripscout, which is currently the number one trip planning app. It’s a whole community built of people who love to travel.(I’ve been a long-time follower!)

“It’s a great way to discover local bloggers, creators, and artists. We curate all the best content from around the world and put it in one place. We have social media posts, YouTube videos, and blogs. You build a map while reading content, and tapping on a place, and saving it,” Konrad said.

It’s an easy one-stop-shop for you to look into travel spots you might not know about.



2) Set a travel intention.

You wouldn’t start a business, a project, or a workout without a set of goals. And you shouldn’t travel without one either!

“What do you want to do on this trip? What are you hoping to accomplish? What is important to you? Don’t just see all the things that you think you’re supposed to see. If you’re going to Paris and you don’t like art and you don’t like museums, you don’t need to go to the Louvre,” Konrad said.

You won’t be able to see everything while you’re there. So don’t waste your time on things you’re really not that interested in.

And speaking of not wasting time…

3) Don’t overplan. Leave room for spontaneity.

The best travel stories come from the unexpected. So don’t book yourself to the point you’re running around, worried you’ll miss everything on your list, that you miss what is right in front of you!

“I have seen expectations kill way more trips than bad weather. ” Konrad said.

Nothing will be what you expect. And a lot of times while traveling, if you keep an open mind, things will be even better than you expect.

“Leave room for serendipity. It’s the neighborhood you’ve never heard of and you happen to walk through to get to that art gallery or that restaurant you’re thinking of that will be the story you tell,” Konrad explained.

So leave a little wiggle room between things you want to see and restaurants you want to eat in. You never know where you might want to end up spending the day instead!



4) Let the deal dictate where and when you travel.

Remember when we talked about travel intentions? Decide what type of trip you want: beach, museum, etc. and look at the flight and hotel deals to find destinations that give you the trip you want for your budget!

“Most people go into booking a trip where they say, where do I want to go? When do I want to go? Here’s the vacation time. Then check flights and prices,” Konrad said.

But that’s a mistake.

“But if you reverse that, and say, where can I fly from my home the cheapest? What time of the month or day of the week is typically the best price? Then you can pick where to go based on your budget, instead of trying to squeeze a place into your budget,” he explained.

And Konrad has something to help with hotel deals too!

“Tripscout built a hotel booking product, the first hotel booking product for Instagram, that will save people 25% to 75% off the best hotels in the world,” Konrad said.

For hotel discounts, DM “hotels” to @hotel on Instagram and for more tips and tricks, watch our entire conversation here!


BONUS FREEBIE: Want even more ways to stay organized, productive and less stressed? Click here to get access to my List-Making Starter Kit. It will boost your efficiency and get you back to doing more of the things you love.


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