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Never Lose A Receipt Again!

With this post I’m going to share two of my new favorite things.  An organizing app called Lemon and a fabulous website I’ve just found called Digitwirl.com.  I’ve mentioned Lemon before in my posts about must-have apps.  It’s a great way to keep track of all your paper receipts and go digital!  No more clutter and you will always know just where to find every receipt.

Digitwirl.com is a really great site that dishes on new technology to make your life easier — just like Lemon.  Carley Knobloch features apps, websites and products in a fun and useful way.  Check out Carley’s take on Lemon!

Back to School Organizing Tips

I’ve been posting about “back to school” a lot lately. I really loved school — my husband thinks I’m a total nerd. But I must confess — high school and college were my favorite. I really love learning, reading and discussing. I think that’s why I love journalism so much — you get to research and become and expert on a number of topics daily. And in a week — they don’t matter anymore and you’re on to something else. It’s great for a short attention span.

But I think being organized really helped me to succeed in college. To help out the less organized I made a checklist for back to campus and got a list from my mother-in-law for parents. And now my friend Scott Gamm, who has blogged here before giving great financial advice, has mentioned me in his slideshow on Mainstreet.com. The slideshow is all about how to be more organized when you hit the books. Check it out and let me know what you think.  I’m slide #3 if you have a short attention span.